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Why I chose to partner with doterra

As a holistic nutrition & health coach I am extremely passionate about helping others to reduce toxic load in their lives, prevent diseases, and live happier and healthier lives.

I decided to link arms with a beautiful tribe of woman and become a doTERRA wellness advocate. This enabled me to integrate using natural solutions with my health coaching, plus I could see that not only was I making a difference in my clients lives who were using the oils, but we were giving back ethically  to the communities producing these gorgeous oils.

Everything doTERRA stood for aligned with my values.

Another bonus...… I can do all this from home whilst also being a stay at home mumma!

Are you a stay at home mum?

Becoming a mum is rewarding, but it can also leave you pondering what now?

Am I just a mum?

I used to have a little bit of income coming in, and now I have zero in my bank account!

My life is now just nappies, washing, cooking and cleaning. Who am I?

I don't want to return to the mundane work force, because staying home with my precious babies is important to me.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I know that feeling all to well, and so does than many beautiful mums in our community who have felt a little lost in the journey of mother hood, or anxious to return to work.

If you are wanting a little more & looking for something you can do from home whilst looking after your bubs, id love to link arms with you and have you in our tribe.

or are you passionate about using natural solutions?

This is a call for all massage therapists, beauty therapist of lovers of all things NON TOXIC!

Do you know where your oils are sourced from? 

If you are using oils on your clients all day, are the oils you're using pure? If not you could be exposing yourself to synthetic nasties...

Now if massage therapist isn't your field , but you don't want to buy all that nasty junk from the cleaning aisle and want to make your own solutions- you have landed in the right space.

I have so many tips, tricks and recipes to share with you whilst you are using these beautiful doTERRA oils...

Not only will you be using certified pure therapeutic essential oils, but you can be recycling your money buy earning points to purchase more oils and home care products! 

To find out more about joining our tribe, please complete the form below.

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Wellbeing Mumma

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