Nutrition pre conception


Nutrition, ex

Our bodies are so incredible & yet so complicated.

Nutrition pre conception is vitally as important as nutrition once we have conceived.

Studies have proven that as woman our bodies are already depleted of nutrients pre conception due to living a high paced lifestyle, daily pressures and demands and exposures to various elements of toxins.. (I'll discuss ways to decrease toxins at a later date)

Science has proven that in order to maintain vitality we should be:

- Exercising / moving our bodies regularly 

- Reduce Stress

- Eat 2 serves of fruit & 5 serves of vegetables daily (each serve is a cup)

Now this is all pre conception (not the extra nutrients we need whilst pregnant)

Why is this important?


Exercising on a regular basis is important to:

- Regulate energy balance & weight control

- Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke

- Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes

- Reduce risk of cancer

Exercise makes you feel good, and releases those happy hormones called endorphins.

Reducing stress

Stress is an emotional & physical state between our perception of the demands being placed on us & our ability to cope.

Its easier said than done but sometimes we do let stress get the better of us and it takes over.

When we are stressed our bodies go into fight or flight response


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