Do you have a morning routine?


Benefits of a morning routine

Gone are the days where our morning alarm clock is one of those square digital clocks with the AM/FM radio. 

Instead we wake up to the chimes of the alarm on our phones. 

So your alarm goes off...

Do you:

a) hit snooze one more time and have another 5 minutes sleep

b) press stop, bounce out of bed and get ready to roll or;

c) press stop then scroll through social media or your emails before your day has already started?

I have been guilty of social media scrolling or checking emails & I can tell you it didn't make me feel one bit relaxed before my day started. It either heightened my angst or had me feeling stressed or cranky. Who wants to start their day like this? Not me!

I remember listening to Tony Robbins a few ago at UPW, talk about how he starts his mornings. Ill be honest at first I thought  to myself "having a morning routine is unrealistic, I have kids and so much to do'. 

However after a while when every morning felt like ground hog day, when I was constantly struggling to get bags packed, kids dressed and I felt stretched, angry and upset that I couldn't even have a shower to feel  human I knew something had to change.

As the saying goes " the definition  of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result".

I thought well there had to be something to this morning routine thing.

Studies have proven that the way we start our morning sets the pace and tone for the rest of the day, it helps us to be more productive during the day and ease our way into the evening.

Some of the ways I like to start my mornings are (this is before ive even had my water or coffee)

Note:  please note not every day is the same, I alternate each day what I dos

- Lay in bed an take deep breaths in and out

- stretch (either in bed or on the floor)

- splash cold water on my face

- intention setting , for how I want my day to start

- quick meditation

There are some days or even a whole week where I have not practised this, and trust me these are the days where thing go pear shaped and where I am in one of those "I got out of the wrong side of the bed" moods.

Id love to know if you have a favourite way to start your morning. Pop me an email to share how you love to start your day.

This is just one of the tools I have to create healthy daily habits in my life, to set me up for success and happiness.

If you would love to start creating daily habits in your life my new  e-book is out to purchase. Click on the tab above "shop" to purchase your copy.

xo Jo

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