Essential oils 4 kids

Home work, anxiety, focus


Sometimes our little ones need a little support to help them focus in the classroom, or during the dreaded "homework" hour.

Or perhaps your child is feeling nervous or anxious about his or her new school.

Essential oils are a safe & all natural approach to helping your little one.

Kids love being able to take charge of their wellbeing too and roll their little oil blends on themselves.

Sleep & bedtime routine


In a perfect world we would tuck our babies into bed, and they would fall sound asleep straight away.

This however isn't always the case. Some kiddies love more cuddles, or are scared of the dark or are processing the whole days events and just cant unwind.

Creating a little bed time routine for them, coupled with applying or diffusing essential oils can assist your bubs or child to unwind, and get a peaceful nights sleep.

Immune support


Kids immune systems are still fragile whilst young. They can pick up all sorts of nasties at the parks, daycare or even whilst you are out grocery shopping.

Using immune building essential oils coupled with a well balanced diet can really support your child's immunity through every season.


Calm kids

Calm kids pack

Kids are little people with big emotions. As adults we have days where we may be feeling tired, cranky and can regulate our emotions and feelings- children are just the same, except they cant always tell us how they are feeling and will display these emotions in other way.

Kids go through a range of emotions from anxiety, overtired, over stimulated, frustration.

Have you picked your kids up from a long day at school, and they have been cranky little monsters. Grouchy, crying and really just not co-operating at all?

I hear you! 

The 3pm afternoon slog can be a tad overwhelming for both the kiddies and parents.

Using essential oils to help your little ones find calm, along with a calming routine has not only been a game changer in my house, but with my clients as well.

Calm Kids Pack $134 +ph


- Petal Diffuser

- 15ml Bottle balance essential Oil

- 15ml Bottle Wild Orange 

- 1 year whole sale doTERRA membership ( where you can purchase your oils at 25% less than


- FREE 10ml travel roller bottle of calm kids blend for you to carry in your handbag

- wellness consult with me

- continual support with myself

- access to online membership group 

how to purchase my calm kids pack?

To order your calm kids starter pack click on the below link:

1. Select wholesale customer

2. Fill out your personal details and shipping details

3. Add to your cart:

   - membership

   - Wild Orange

   - Balance

4- check out

Once you have submitted your order pop me an email:

so I can send you your FREE calm kids travel bottle

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I cant wait for you to receive your oils, I know you will love them as much as we do.

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sleep time pillow spray


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Sleepy time pillow spray 30ml is a perfect addition to your little ones bedtime routine, or even make a beautiful room spray for bubs room.

Before bedtime spray on your bubs/ kiddies bed or pillow, on the lining or pram or car seat before a long drive.

Perfect to take in your baby bag, hand bag when travelling or for that sleep over at nannys house.