Essential Oils for Mummas


If Mum's not happy- no body is happy

During and after pregnancy 0r even just as a woman our bodies go through so many changes. 

Our hormones may be out of balance, we deal with sleepless nights, PMS, possibly even POS or endometriosis, fertility issues, anxiety and or depression. Now these are just to name a few.

I suffered terribly as a teen and a woman with endometriosis and hormone imbalances.

I missed so much schooling every month due to the pain.

Back then it was the norm to medicate. Put your teen on "birth control pills" because synthetic was the way to go.

Fast forward.

Falling pregnant didn't come easy, which just adds more stress to your body and reproductive system. Then post babies it was a whole new world. Sleep, what's that?

Raging hormones trying to rebalance themselves. Anxiety took over due to a whole raft of hormonal and life style factors. I was a mess!

Does this resonate?

We don't have to be victim anymore and suffer those horrible PMS systems, hormonal imbalances, anxieties or depression.

I am forever thankful I can reach for natures medicine to help balance & calm myself.

When I feel the symptoms kick In, I have my oil stash ready to go.

In turn when I am feeling great, and happy my whole family is too.

So many of the mums and woman alike in our community have had so many beautiful breakthroughs by reaching for their oils and treating the root cause and using natural methods.

I cant wait to help you through any of your concerns and for you to start using your essential oil.



woman Essential OILS PURE-FUME


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Woman essential oils pure-fume blend is soft, feminine, sweet and will have you feeling womanly, empowered and ready to tackle the world.

Made with Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential oils, fractionated coconut oil, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Vanilla


calm essential oils roller blend


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Calm essential oils blend has been created with the most beautiful calming and grounding blends to help ease those anxious feelings, times of stress and racing thoughts.

Made with Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, fractionated coconut oil.


Gratitude Essential Oils blend


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Gratitude changes everything. However sometimes life throws you challenges and lets face it, its not always easy to practice gratitude.

This gorgeous blend has been created with the most beautiful calming, grounding and uplifting essential oils support you through your daily gratitude practice.