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Home Essentials Kit

Purchase your home essentials kit and receive for FREE:

- 7 x chakra balancing essential oils blends 

- 1 x car air vent diffuser

(offer valid from 1st February 2019 - 7th April 2019 AESDT)

With winter just around the corner, you will not want to go into the next season without this kit.

I call this my families natural first aid kit.

Kit includes:

- Petal diffuser

- 10 Essential oils

Essential Oils:

Easy Air



Ice Blue



On Guard



Tea Tree

To find out more about these individual oils in the kit contact me on:


To purchase your kit click on the below link:

1. Select wholesale customer (as you are getting your oils 25% cheaper than retail)

2. Fill in all your details & delivery info

3. Add home essentials kit to your cart (your membership will automatically be waived)

4. Email me wellbeingmumma@gmail.com once ordered so I can send you, your FREE oils